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Centurion Polophone 1:1 Intercom Kit


Operated using 12-14V DC

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The design of the polophone handset is state of the art. The hole in the center of the handpiece allows it to clip over the cradle and merge smoothly into one compact unit. With the handpiece remaining in position, the hole in the handpiece exposes the buttons on the face of the cradle allowing operation of the gate/door release and any auxiliary features. Each handset can independently operate the door lock or gate motor linked to each entry panel. They have a further auxiliary pushbutton to operate an extra facility at the gate/door entrance (pedestrian opening) or switch on a light outside. Finally an indicator light (LED) has been provided in the face of the handset cradle. This can be connected to the gate status feature of the entrance gate operator, where applicable, to indicate the status of the gate whether it is open, closed or moving. The versatility and expandability of the polo-phone is exceptional. From a basic one to one kit for the average home, components can be very simply added to the system to expand it into an ideal unit for large houses or small office installations.

This Kit Includes

  • 1 x Polophone Handsets
  • 1 x 2 Button Gate Station



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