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Centurion WiZo Link 12/24v Wireless Controller


Go Wireless With WiZo.

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There is no need to break walls, no need to deface your property and spending large amounts of money on unreliable and inflexible wired connections. With WiZo-Link, the range is no longer an issue. Every device acts as a signal repeater. The reliability of the network is guaranteed. If one of the devices stops working, the signal will simply be picked up by the nearest working device. Wirelessly control and activate lights, electric gates, geysers, pool pumps, irrigation systems, air conditioners and a plethora of other electrical appliances, Add a Centurion G-Ultra GSM unit to monitor and control all your WiZo-Linked appliances via your mobile phone.


  • Voltage – 11.5V – 24V DC
  • Mesh Network
  • Linkable Outputs – 10:1
  • Linkable Inputs – 10:1
  • Wireless Configuration


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