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Ezviz C3X Dual Lens Wi-Fi Camera (1080p)


AI-Powered Dark-Fighter.

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Dual-lens Wi-Fi camera with built-in AI.
Meet the world‘s first commercial-grade security camera with a dual-lens setup. Night time color video has become a reality, even with the absence of supplemental lights. And built-in AI algorithms just made everything easier. Now you can get accurate alerts when people and vehicles appear in your specified zones. Get protection with the C3X, in high-tech and professional fashion.

Revolutionary color night vision without spotlights.
Leveraging supplemental lights to achieve color night vision was brilliant – until the introduction of the C3X. The C3X uses dual lenses and dual infrared lights to render better color images even in the lowest light conditions. There’s no need for spotlights. C3X’s colors are more natural, and the image is more evenly-illuminated

Motion-triggered recording of people and vehicles.
With a built-in deep learning model, the C3X can detect the motion of person and vehicle shapes in real-time. Now you can receive the precise motion alerts you’ve always wanted. When no one is watching, the C3X takes the shift for you.


  • ALL-IN-ONE SECURITY – FullHD 1080p Video, Alarm System, Two-Way Audio, and Motion Detection
  • REVOLUTIONARY DUAL-LENS COLOR NIGHT VISION – One lens records the ambient brightness and the other captures color information. The merged image offers unparalleled detail
  • and realistic color.
  • INTELLIGENT PERSON AND VEHICLE DETECTION – Built-in AI algorithms allow C3X to identify human and vehicle activity.
  • ACTIVE DEFENSE – Remote Activated Alarm System includes a loud siren and bright LED strobe
  • TWO-WAY-AUDIO – Microphone range up to 5 meter and waterproof high decibel speakers
  • BUILT TO LAST – Weatherproof IP67 housing
  • FULL HD 1080P HDR – enhanced with HDR technology to provide the clearest video feed
  • WORKS with Alexa and Google Home
  • Dual-lens Wi-Camera with Built-in AI.


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