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Centurion Flux Loop Detector


FLUX is a range of single-channel inductive loop detectors designed for vehicle access applications, consisting of a standalone version as well as an 11-pin model.

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The Centurion Flux Loop Detector are responsive, highly sensitive, and utilize sophisticated software algorithms which adapt to prevent false triggering due to changing environmental conditions.


  • Very fast detection speed for quick response times.
  • Detection filter and high-level circuit and loop protection provides excellent immunity to interference from external sources for improved reliability.
  • Easy to install and commission saving you time and money.
  • Audible and visual diagnostics for ease of set up and maintenance.
  • Removable terminals for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Boot-loader interface for ease of firmware upgrades.
  • Dedicated reset button to assist with quick maintenance procedures.
  • Wide, adaptive self-tuning range for outstanding reliability.
  • Excellent, strong loop field strength for reliable operation.


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